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Blue Skies

In 1997 Northern Engineering & Consulting, Inc. (NECI) was founded in Bemidji, Minnesota by James Garrigan and Wallace Gladstone specializing in transportation projects.  Basic services included survey, rights-of-way (ROW), design, construction staking and construction administration services.

In 2004, Mike McFarlane, PE, LS, brought water and sewer design expertise to NECI.  Mike has over 18 years of City infrastructure, State & Federal Aid experience, and nearly 28 years experience with grants and other funding sources.


In 2008 NECI expanded west Wallace and Lisa Gladstone opened an office in Billings MT.


In 2010, NECI opened an office in Walker, MN. Terry Freeman, L.S., added another 33 years Land Surveying experience manages the office.


In 2012, NECI acquired Milk River Engineering Inc, and opened an office in Havre, MT. NECI also added Mike McFarlane and Guy Ahlstrom as owners.


2017 was a year of major change for NECI with the retirement of James Garrigan and the addition of new owners making NECI 58% Indian owned and women owned.

NECI continues to look to the future by investing in the latest technologies and equipment to more efficiently meet our clients needs while creating growth opportunities for our staff.

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