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Available Services

Construction Staking

NECI provides construction staking and inspection services for streets, highways, drainage improvements, municipal water and sewer, bridges, private developments and oil & gas projects. Our clients include various private developers, Cities, Counties, State Departments of Transportation, Tribal governments, Army COE, and contractors.

NECI uses the latest in technology including GPS and Robotic Total Stations.

NECI also assists contractors with machine controlled equipment creating the models that are uploaded into computers controlling the equipment.


Our approach of using the latest technology provides superior value to studies, designs, and construction. Our goal is to provide top quality, high accuracy, and greater flexibility for all of our client’s projects.

NECI offers the following GIS services:
-Data acquisition and Management
-Geodatabase development
-Geospatial analysis and modeling
-Customized mapping/template creation
-Customized GIS training for clients
-Incorporation of traditional survey and engineering data in GIS
-Tribal road inventory and updates for tribal transportation programs (RIFDS)
-Wetland Delineations

High Definition Survey

HDS is a State of the Art Technology in 3D Surveying, utilizing a laser scanning method. It has revolutionized surveying by delivering digital models and as constructed drawings based on electronic measurements. With HDS NECI can provide project representations to-scale, down to a single-point of +/- 4 millimeters. The unit captures HDS photos and point cloud information in real time. HDS digitizes the area being scanned into millions of dots called the Cloud Image. Using HDS, NECI can provide more information for equal to or less than traditional surveying cost to our clients.

Land Surveying

The NECI survey group’s expertise covers a wide range of land surveying services. We currently provide services that cover the areas of Boundary, Engineering Design, Construction Staking and Control.

Our Boundary services include large cadastral boundary surveys that require the retracement of multiple sections of land, major subdivisions, minor subdivisions. We also provide boundary surveys that are exempt from the Montana Subdivision and Platting Act. These include: family transfers, boundary line relocations and mortgage tract surveys. We also provide lot surveys.

Our Engineering Design services include topographic surveys, hydraulic surveys, and as-built surveys.

Construction Staking services have long been a staple of NECI’s surveying services. The construction staking services that we currently provide are: pipeline, roads, municipal, railroad, commercial buildings and residential buildings.

NECI has also created large control networks for use in creating Real Time Networks and has installed CORS stations.

Material Testing

NECI offers materials testing at our Havre location. Material testing services include:
-Liquid limit
-Plastic limit
-Soil moisture testing
-Sieve analysis

-% air measurement
-Concrete or cube samples for compression testing

-Density testing

Municipal Engineering

NECI staff has experience in the engineering aspects of municipal streets, industrial parks, drainage and irrigation, and nearly all aspects of water, wastewater, design, including storm water management.

Oil & Gas Engineering

NECI has over twenty years of experience in the oil and gas field. Oil and gas services include:

-Well pad design
-Access road layout
-Access road design
-ROW maps
-ROW easements
-Construction staking
-3D modeling for machine controlled equipment
-Pipeline Easements
-Pipeline Staking


Transportation Improvement Plans (TIPS)
Control Schedule
Capital Improvement Planning
Grant Writing (USDA, EDA, ICDBG, Other various state & federal funding sources)
Comprehensive Solid Waste Plans
Short Range Plans (5 Year)
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Long Range Transportation Plans (LRTP)

Site Development

Whether your project is a small individual commercial site, strip mall, large shopping mall or residential housing development, NECI can assist you in getting your project concepts off the ground. We help guide clients through various City and/or County Planning and Engineering Department requirements. Services include:
-Boundary surveys
-Site designs
-Street layout/design
-Lot design
-Storm water management
-Water & sewer design
-Grading plans
-Green space
-Construction staking
-Construction administration

Solid Waste Engineering

NECI works with clients to plan, permit, design, and implement facilities and programs to safely and economically manage all types of solid wastes.

NECI has experience in solid waste management engineering including regional waste planning and landfill transfer station siting and design. At NECI our goal is to create practical solutions for our clients that fit their needs and budgets.

Structural Engineering

Structural integrity is important in construction projects. NECI focuses on structural integrity, cost-effectiveness, limiting environmental impacts, and meeting client expectations for functionality and aesthetics.

NECI’s staff has broad design and construction experience that include steel, concrete, and wood framing systems as well as shallow to deep foundations. NECI’s goal is to provide reliable, easily-constructed, and economical structural solutions to projects.

TTP (IRR) Consulting

Inventory Updates
NECI has experienced personnel and equipment required for updating IRR inventories. From electronic traffic counting, defining route locations, developing strip maps and filling out Road Inventory Field Data System (RIFDS) forms. NECI personnel are also certified to access the BIA RIFDS database.

Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)
Long Range Transportation Plans are required to fund IRR projects. LRTP’s are typically developed on a 20 year horizon and should be updated every 3 to 5 years. NECI can assist tribes in developing new plans or updating existing Long Range Transportation Plans.

Contracting or Compacting the IRR Program under P.L. 93-638, as amended
NECI is recognized as one of the foremost experts in assisting tribes in assuming the IRR program under the Indian Self Determination and Education Assistance Act.

Federal Highway Program Agreements
NECI also has the expertise to assist those tribes who choose to contract the IRR program directly from the Federal Highway Administration’s Federal Lands Highway Office.

Project Accountability
NECI can assist tribes in developing project accountability systems including project point files and cost tracking (cuff accounts).

Transportation Engineering

NECI staff is experienced in design of rural highways and municipal streets including State and Federal-Aid projects. Our clients range from private developers to various City, County, and Tribal Governments, State Departments of Transportation, U.S. Air Force, etc.

Water & Waste Water Engineering

NECI staff is experienced with nearly all aspects of water and wastewater engineering. Typical projects range from providing site utility plans for private developers, community water storage, distribution, and treatment systems, wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal facilities, stormwater collection and treatment, utility system modeling as well as GIS mapping and database information.

-Water Storage
-System Modeling

-Sewer Collection
-System Modeling


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